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Several years ago I was a junk-food-eating, stress-addicted, burned-out, emotional hot mess with no spiritual practice (what’s that?) and no clue what it meant to “listen” to my body. Slogging my way through the day in a stressed-out stupor, surviving on sugar, caffeine & adrenaline seemed normal; doesn’t everyone live like this?

I had no idea!

I was doing just fine. Never mind that my entire body was screaming with pain and even driving was dangerous because I couldn’t sit up straight & my hands and arms were almost completely non-functional.

Overlook the fact that I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without stopping every 2-3 steps to catch my breath. Forget that I couldn’t sleep all night but wanted to sleep all day. Discount the brain fog, stomach pain, headaches, and constant irritability.

Disregard, ignore, neglect…are you beginning to sense a pattern here? If so, you are much more aware than I was at the time. Thankfully, while my brain was on denial overdrive, my body had a loud, clear message for me.

That’s when I collapsed into an agonizing heap of exhaustion and pain.

What’s going on?!

A plethora of doctors diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, post-traumatic-stress-disorder, pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, chronic tendonitis in both arms, and Addison’s disease; a rare and very serious form of adrenal exhaustion.

My hormones were raging and I was so malnourished I had to get a weekly IV drip of vitamins & minerals. I lay flattened, unable to do the simplest of tasks. Somewhere between breakfast and my midnight meeting I’d transformed from a six-figure swirling dervish to a lifeless lump.

Hhhmmm…Maybe every one doesn’t live like this.

A year later, still striving to recover & spending my last whit of energy dragging myself to every medical specialist in town, I was unable to go back to work. So I was released from my long-standing corporate position and launched into the job of fully focusing on getting my life back.

My biggest motivation, besides the unending pain, was to stop being a burden on my family. The healing was slow but steady, so I kept at it. I began to open to new possibilities and tried every approach I encountered; physical therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, Hellerwork, reiki, counseling, meditation, nutrition.

Luckily for me, I’m a born student. I studied life coaching and tried new ways of thinking. I studied nutrition and tried new ways of eating. I slowly – very slowly – considered the concept of sitting with my emotions rather than stuffing or running from them. And after a lifetime of being an atheist, I even began to consider a possibility of something beyond the vast darkness; something that could offer comfort and a totally new perspective.

I listened to what everyone taught me and focused on what worked. I learned that what worked for me might not work for you, exactly. I learned that in healing, there are a few foundational concepts that are universal and infinite ways to apply them.

I stumbled often but kept going. I found the support I needed and learned to trust myself.

What’s it like now?

Today I am free of the masses of medications I’d been taking. That means I’m also free of all the side-effects they were causing.

I glide through the day with loads of energy and {on most days!} no fibromyalgia pain. I sleep through the night and wake up rested & calm.

My stomach no longer hurts every time I eat & I’ve dropped 35 pounds. My hormones are balanced and my moods are steady.

I’m able to exercise without being sore for days; I even go skiing and keep up with my kids!

And {drum roll!}…I have been officially “undiagnosed” from Addison’s disease.

Learning that I’d cured from the incurable shocked many doctors, but not my naturopath. She simply smiled & said, “Of course you did.” Because, like me, she believes in the power of natural healing and sees it happen all the time.

Did I do it perfectly? Heck no. Do I still have some tough days? Yep. Do I honestly, truly, completely, without a doubt believe that this miraculous healing is possible for anyone? Yes.

Food heals. Gratitude heals. Telling ourselves positive mental stories heals. Feeling a sense of purpose and connection to all things heals. So does tapping in to our boundless creativity and expressing ourselves with integrity.

Put all these things together in your own unique way and you can become, like me, a health-food-eating, stress-busting, fun-loving, sometimes ornery but most-times affable, energetic, calm & steady force in the universe!


I know you can do it, and I can help. Because supporting others on their healing journeys is my passion & it’s one of the many things that I do with my new lease on life.

If you have a story of natural healing and would like to be featured in the Whole Story Health Newsletter or blog, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!