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I’m sorry to tell you that your disease is incurable. It’s chronic and irreversible. You can treat it (with drugs, injections, chemo, etc.), but you will need to accept this fate and learn to “manage” your illness and “live with” your prognosis. Do you believe this? If so, you may be under the spell of what is known as medical hexing.

“Whoa!” you say. “Stop right there. My doctor is an expert and knows what she is doing. How dare you say that she is putting some sort of curse on me!?”

Of course your doctor isn’t intentionally cursing you. But in our society, medical doctors are revered and whatever they tell us, we generally – at least on some level – accept as truth. As a Wellness Coach, I’m all for acceptance. Yet there is an important distinction between acceptance and submission.

What the Hex does that mean?

Our thoughts can either support healing or lead to further suffering. What we believe about ourselves, our bodies, and our situation greatly impacts our propensity to either become ill or become well.

We sometimes call this belief-based healing the placebo effect. You may be familiar with research showing that people who only think they’re being treated respond similarly to those who get the “actual” treatment.

In the case of chronic illness, a diagnosis itself can be the impetus for just the opposite of the placebo effect (sometimes called the Nocebo effect); causing one to believe the story that he or she is fated to be sick forever. But what if it isn’t true? Can believing or not believing really have much of an effect on our health?

Is this for real?

Here’s what happens, from a physical perspective: when we focus on fear or think negative thoughts, a chain reaction is triggered in our bodies. Our “fight or flight” response system kicks in & we release excess cortisol and other stress hormones. Our immune system becomes compromised, and now the Illness Center is open for business! {fyi – pharmaceutical companies *love* when your Illness Center is open for business, because it makes them lots and lots of money!}

Opening a New Business

What if you poured positivity, courage, and faith into your body instead of fear? Basically, the opposite of what I listed above would happen. Your body would release “happy” hormones, your immune system would be strengthened, and now your Inner Wellness Center is thriving. Who knows? If you keep this up, it may even expand and open its own smoothie bar!

A True Story

A wonderful and amazing friend of mine was told 15 months ago that she had 3 months to live. Incidentally, she was also told that it “didn’t matter” what she ate or drank; that her nutritional choices wouldn’t affect her situation. At that point, she faced a choice; quietly accept the prognosis and try to make herself as comfortable as possible, or hold a positive mindset and do everything in her power – including radically changing her diet – to become well. Today, she is not only still alive, but actually thriving and making bold and ambitious plans for her future.

I personally have a story of radical healing, which you can read about further down in my blog, if you’re interested. Whenever I tell people this story, I am sure to mention that my healing began with the decision to be well, and the belief that it was absolutely possible.

It’s not just me!

While I spent a good portion of my life believing I was different and all alone, I am here to tell you that I am not really unique with my healing story. There are hundreds of thousands of stories like the ones I mentioned today that are yours for the believing if you choose to focus your attention on them. With a positive story in your head and a strong support & guidance system, anything is possible. Why not give it a try?

If you’d like to have a complimentary session with me to talk about how you can get on the road to recovery, feel free to set up an appointment on my schedule.

Please share!

If you have a story of radical healing, please share it here or write to me at: michelle@wholestoryhealth.com. I look forward to hearing from you.