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It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than what sort of disease a person has. ~ Hippocrates

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Calming from the Inside Out

Can you imagine trying to relax in a space filled with clutter, chaos, and constant irritations? No? Neither can your body. When our bodies don’t get a chance to calm down so that they can catch up, we compromise our natural ability to heal. In order to restore...

Can Happiness Lead to Success?

If you close your eyes and envision your ideal life, what do you see? What joyful activities are you engaged in? What type of body are you living in? Do you feel strong and vibrant? Energetic? Grounded? Peaceful? All of us deserve and have the capacity to live our...
Have You Been Hexed?

Have You Been Hexed?

I’m sorry to tell you that your disease is incurable. It’s chronic and irreversible. You can treat it (with drugs, injections, chemo, etc.), but you will need to accept this fate and learn to “manage” your illness and “live with” your prognosis. Do you believe this?...