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Healing Fibromyalgia Naturally:

An Empowering Path to Breaking Free from Chronic Pain and Fatigue

I know how difficult living with chronic pain and exhaustion can be, because I’ve been there.

I’ve also healed from it, so I know that it is possible to return to a fulfilling, active, energetic, joyful life.

Having been there, I understand that:

It’s all-encompassing.

  • Daily pain & fatigue casts a shadow on every aspect of your life
  • Life can feel unpredictable and scary because you don’t know what your condition will bring you from one day to the next

Sometimes people don’t believe you, or don’t know how to help.

  • It can be difficult to explain to others what you’re going through, and that’s often frustrating
  • Even when doctors or others do believe you, they frequently don’t have the answers you want or need

You can’t just ignore it. 

  • For a long time, you disregarded or down-played your symptoms
  • But there comes a point where the pain is too great and cost is to high to neglect

Stress, depression, anxiety and guilt can become your routine.

  • You may feel guilty, ashamed, or somehow think you should be able to “just pull it together”
  • Stress and overwhelm become your “new normal”
  • Pain can lead to exhaustion and exhaustion to more pain; an overwhelming merry-go-round that you think you may be stuck on forever
  • Under these conditions, there isn’t energy left in your day for fun, creativity, or play. Without these things, life becomes monotonous and feels like drudgery

I get it, and I understand how devastating this can be. At one point in my life, I was completely flattened. I lost my job, my social life, and my ability to care for myself, my kids, and my family. I was desperate to find a way out. And then one day, I made a decision to do whatever it took to heal. That clear decision was the impetus that allowed me to completely turn my life and health around.

What is it costing you? 

Have you ever stopped to think about what this illness is costing you, every day? In real terms, what is the true cost of not finding a solution, right now? For me, it looked something like this:

  • Massive loss of productivity at work
  • Loss of my 6-figure-earning job, which led to:
  • Loss of our family’s health care coverage
  • Lowered self-esteem, guilt, shame, anxiety, and fear for my financial future
  • Loss of the ability to care for my two young children
  • Loss of quality time with my spouse and strain on my marriage & other relationships
  • Loss of sleep & energy
  • Foggy head, poor memory
  • Accidents, cuts, bumps & bruises from being exhausted & having neurological dysfunction
  • Loss of independence
  • Isolation, loneliness, disconnection, depression, anxiety, loss of faith
  • Feelings of uselessness and hopelessness
  • Loss of self-esteem & self-respect
  • Spending thousands of dollars on medications, doctors, & hospital bills
  • Lack of joy, creativity, purpose and meaning

Why I Created this Program

I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way forever. There is a way out, and I would love to guide and support you to find your own way to optimal health and healing.

I absolutely believe that healing is possible. Yes, you can live a fulfilling, energetic, joyful life. I know because that is how I live today.

This is why I created this program for you: to offer you a simple, effective, step-by-step path to becoming FREE so that you can live the life your soul knows you are here to live. So that you can stop focusing on the pain and fatigue and go back to focusing on your life’s purpose and passion.

Is this Program Right for You? 

If you truly want to move forward, please ask yourself if the following statements are true for you right now:

  • I believe that it is possible to heal
  • I have made a decision that I am going to heal
  • I am willing to take the actions necessary to get my health and life back, even if it means going outside of my current comfort zone
  • I am ready to become empowered to take charge of my own wellbeing
  • I am willing to make my health the #1 priority in my life

If you’ve answered a resounding YES! to all of the questions above, then you’re in the right place. If you feel truly ready and willing to take back your power and get going on the road to renewed health, you CAN do this. Because making your health your #1 priority is the fastest, most efficient & effective way to be in a position to serve others and contribute to your family, your community, and the world with everything you’ve got!

If you would like to say goodbye to chronic pain and exhaustion, to re-gain your FREEDOM so that you can be more effective on every level – and bring back JOY and lightness to your life, I would love to help you. During our time together, I will guide and support you to become free from pain and to have long-lasting, sustainable energy throughout the day.

Why Join Now?

If you’re here reading this, you’re probably exhausted and in a lot of pain. And, you’re ready to end the struggle and get on with your life. You’re ready to stop giving up time from work, family and friends because of your illness. You’re ready to ease the strain on your relationships and your self-esteem. And you’re tired of feeling lonely, isolated, and dis-empowered.

If you are ready now, don’t hesitate. It’s time to take back your life and your freedom. Join us for this simple, step-by-step path to get there. I can teach you, guide you, and support you in your healing journey.

YES you can!

You CAN do this. You have the POWER and the STRENGTH to heal.

Healing IS possible. It is possible for YOU.

How Does it Work? 

Healing Fibromyalgia Naturally is a 90-Day program, focusing on both nutrition and mind-body work.

Nourishing food can have incredible healing powers, and the wrong food can also block your progress or throw you off track. I do not “prescribe” any one type of diet, because there is no one way of eating that is best for all people all the time. Even as your own body goes through changes, what you need to eat for optimal health will change. So, while there are hundreds of different dietary plans, only you will know exactly what your body truly needs. I will teach you basic fundamental principles that are true across the spectrum, and then we I will help you learn to listen to your body; to tune in to what it is saying and what you need in each moment.

Which brings us to the mind-body connection. This is a vital and often over-looked area of health and healing. During the 90-day program, you will learn and practice valuable mind-body tools. You’ll walk away with the confidence and skills you need to really tune in and be your own best advocate when it comes to your health. As a bonus, you’ll be able to apply these new skills to all areas of your life, including relationships and even money!

Who is this program for? 

Healing Fibromyalgia Naturally is right for you if you:

  • Have a burning desire to serve others and make a positive impact on the earth and humanity
  • Want to grow personally, in all areas of your life
  • Want a life filled with Joy, Love, Peace, Harmony, and Laughter
  • Feel that you are blocking yourself from all of this by manifesting fatigue & chronic pain
  • Know something needs to change, and feel a sense of urgency to make this change happen now
  • Are actively seeking a solution, and are ready and willing to make positive changes in support of your health and wellbeing

How do I join the Healing Fibromyalgia Naturally program? 

To be considered for the program, simply request an application and return it to me. I ask people to formally apply for this program because I’ve learned that it is not of service to work with a client who isn’t ready to become fully empowered to take charge of her own health, or is not willing to take the action required to consciously create health and happiness in her life.

You should definitely apply for this program if you are looking for a solution that involves a unique, holistic approach for healing, using the power of nutrition and mind-body solutions.

Now is the time

If you believe that you are ready, it’s important that you take action now. Simply request the application, and I will connect with you to schedule an interview. Together we’ll decide if it’s a good fit, so you can explore the possibility without risk, fear, or hesitation. No matter what, the positive action of completing the application will be transformative for you. I believe you will discover at least one powerful breakthrough, insight, or awareness about yourself, simply by answering the questions!

The next 6 months have the power to change your life, but only if you complete the application today. Getting where you want to be begins with making a decision to go for it! I can’t wait to receive your application and connect with you personally to begin your transformational journey.

Cheers to your Health!

~Michelle Goble


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